Seikatsu Kojo Linkai orchestra : "This is music is this !?"

(Union, 1979)

1. Yasudabushi
2. Take The « A » Train
3. Aketaketa march/African elephant
4. Youngmen Insist

Musicians :

Kazutoki « Kappo » Umezu (as, ss, bcl)
Hiroaki Katayama (ts, bs)
Masami Shinoda (as, fl)
Junji Mori (as)
Shinji Yasuda (tp)
Tetsuji Yoshida (tp)
Hiroshi Itaya (tb)
Haruki Sato (tb)
Yoriyuki « Leo » Harada (p, cong)
Tsutomu Numagami (b)
Takeharu Hayakawa (b, cel)
Kenichi Kameyama (ds)
Takashi Kikuchi (ds, per)

Genji Sawai : producer


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

you seems to miss the 5th track from that album. And the 4th one isn't complete and ends abruptly. Can you please repair this or is it the only tracks you got ? thanks anyway.

Zipangu a dit…

In fact, the 5th track is "African elephant" but I've mentionned it in that way because there is no break between track 3 and 4.
And about the last title ("Youngmen insist"), this is normal ! I think it's a choice from musicians.

All the best.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for the infos !