Shelley Hirsch + Uchihashi Kazuhisa : "Duets"

(Innocent, 2002)

1- (2:45)
2- (4:40)
3- (4:47)
4- (5:10)
5- (2:34)
6- (15:32)
7- (11:33)
8- (9:27)

(all music improvised by Shelley Hirsch and Uchihashi Kazuhisa. Recorded live at Big Apple, Kobe, November 21, 2000)

musicians :

Shelley Hirsch: voice, electronics
Uchihashi Kazuhisa: guitar, electronics


5 commentaires:

Marko-V a dit…

Thanks for great blog and especially all the Altered States/Optical8/Otomo related posts. Thumbs up!

Ochyming a dit…

This is Awesome!
Both artists are fine very fine improvisers.

Thank you!
Please do you have bootleg or solo (out of print) record by Yoshihide Otomo?

Zipangu a dit…

Hi ! Of course, I agree, these are great world musicians.
About bootleg or solo by Otomo, I guess I have nothing like that : sorry !

Rotkappchen a dit…

I have many out of print rarities, such as both Now's the Time Workshop volumes (featuring early Yoshihide's Ground Zero), LP such as Otomo + Mao, the split with Steve Berford, split with christian marclay, old live tapes with Ort and solo, etc...
as well as early Umezu records (and Yoriyuki Jarada) such as the Shudan Sokai CD, Danke, and Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai first LP... among many others.
Tell me if you want some help for this great blog !

Zipangu a dit…

Hi ! Oh, wonderful !? Of course, I'd like to share these other sound jewels ! Can you send me an email address to exchange about our future collaboration ?
See you soon,