Seikatsu Kojyo Iinkai


1. Stravizauls
2. Kim
3. Not so long Don

musicians :

Kazutoki "Kappo" Umezu : sax alto
Yoriyuki Harada : piano & bass clarinet
Ahmed Abdullah : trumpet
Rashid Shinan : drums
William Parker : bass



Amazing first and rare lp (rip 256 kbps) by this band leaded by mister Umezu & Harada, here with some legendary afro-american free musicians ! BIG THANX to Rotkappchen for sharing this fire music. I think there'll be some other happy surprises from him...

9 commentaires:

corvimax a dit…

i dont know japan jazz much, but the presence of ahmed abdullah make it attractive, rare too.. thank you

kae a dit…

Zipangu and rotkappchen, you guys are amazing, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing these records with the people who can't find these records. That keeps music alive. :)

E-mile a dit…

thank you for this, almost everything by Kazutoki Umezu, then you come up with this! excellent!!!
peace, E-mile

Tomasz a dit…

Just one comment - the name of this project is seikatsu koojyoo iinkai (not "Linkai"). It means something like "Life factory committee".

Zipangu a dit…

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you very much for this information/correction !
All the best,

Anonyme a dit…

i've been looking for this for years...thank you so much! great blog, by the way.

Anonyme a dit…

excellent thanks for this.

Bryan a dit…

This is so great to finally hear. Thank you so much!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Super, it's always a pleasure to hear more from Mr. Umezu. Thanks a lot!