Coil : "Get the coil"

(Maboroshi No Sekai, 1998)

1- Black Junk (Natsuki Kido) (5:54)
2- Chainwheel Boogie (Takeharu Hayakawa) (5:20)
3- Wild Life (Natsuki Kido) (5:34)
4- Crush to Death (Natsuki Kido) (6:26)
5- Smokin' with Ginger Cigarette' (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki) (6:36)
6- Sand (Natsuki Kido) (6:19)
7- Hot ax (Natsuki Kido) (9:02)
8- Curbon Food (Takeharu Hayakawa) (7:02)

Coil :

Natsuki Kido : electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ, synthesizer
Takeharu Hayakawa : electric bass, acoustic bass
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki : drums, percussion, trumpet


7 commentaires:

Zipangu a dit…

Blues forever !

Anonyme a dit…

Great post, any more from them???

thanks as always

Zipangu a dit…

Thank you ! There is an another cd from Coil named "Big Games" on Chitei records (different drummer) but it seems to be still available...

xpehob a dit…

Thank you :)

two other albums

"Big Games"


Anonyme a dit…

There is also an awesome bootleg with Keiji Haino (and Coil) playing the blues.
Thanks for this one, It was the hardest to find.

Zipangu a dit…

It's true (I know it)! I think it's still available on this other blog :

E-mile a dit…

wow! great stuff! who is Marc Ribot again [:-) great guitar work here, explosive & gut-trobbing...thanks for opening my ears a bit further, and can't wait to hear the 2 others xpehob ever so kindly shares here too! Listening to Hot Ax right now, Eddie Hazel eat your heart out [:-)
amazing stuff, again.......
This is why I like this priceless blog so much.
peace, E-mile