Masahiko Togashi : "Flame up"

(Paddle Wheel, 1981)

1. Flame up (TOGASHI)
2. Spring song (TOGASHI)
3. Twilight (TOGASHI)
4. Doing in the fire (TOGASHI)

Musicians :

UMEZU Kazutoki (fl, bcl, ss, as, perc)
HARADA Yoriyuki (p, perc)
TOGASHI Masahiko (dr, perc)


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E-mile a dit…

late to the party, but not too late I hope to say a BIG thank you for yet another Umezu obscurity [:-)
peace, E-mile

onxidlib a dit…

Totally unknown to me!!
Thank you!
Is it possible to have a version in flac?

Zipangu a dit…

Thank you very much for your encouragement §§§

All the Best,


NB : I don't think I have time to do a flac version, sorry !

pagine corsare a dit…

Fantastic blog, man, and especially cool disc !

Keep up the good work ! Cheers =)

Anonyme a dit…

And thanks from me too, a big Togashi fan.