Ruins + Kazutoki Umezu

(FMN Sound Factory, 1994, cassette only)

A1 Zasca Coska 10:47
A2 B.U.G. 15:14
A3 Thrived 10:53
A4 Stone Eater 7:07

B1 Infect 9:13
B2 Acid Blue 6:31
B3 Burning Stone 1:15
B4 Del Fanci Kant 7:33
B5 Essential Logic 3:09
B6 Big Head 11:00
B7 [Encore] 1:09

musicians :

Ruins :

Ryuichi Masuda : bass & voice
Tatsuya Yoshida : drums & voice

+ Kazutoki Umezu : saxophone



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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks so much for this post! Been looking for it for years.


Anonyme a dit…

mighty!! where have YOU been so long, zipangu?!? ;) and back with a big bang... ruins + umezu, i never would've thought their path ever crossed each other. i used to love the ruins a lot, and still love umezu, so i'm curious what this will sound like.

lucky :)

Zipangu a dit…

Hello Lucky !!! YES, many months have passed... In fact, it's more difficult to find other new and OOP records in that area. I should find new partners for example ! Anyway, I know you continue to "feed" your own blog and it's always a GREAT pleasure to discover many other music universes !

All the best,

Anonyme a dit…

about this music - it's great to hear this music in such an odd combination of ruins + umezu, they don't really are one of kind, i think, but it's great fun to hear "b.u.g.", "burning stone" or "big head" with sax - zorn would've probably done a similar job... ;)

are limiting your rips to 160kb/s with purpose?!? i'm just wondering. 320 would bring the music to more deep ends...

i understand, limiting yourself makes it quite difficult, which is half the fun. but you always can change gear (=genre), like you did with the downtown blog. i had limiting blogs myself, the first one i dedicated to artists beginning with an "m" in their (family) name, and i soon ran out of interesting stuff to post, so i changed to a cross-genre blog like psychic hut, only to try out a blog for accordion music, film music, one narrowed to releases from zorn's avant label.

you know - if you ever feel interested in participating in a blog like the psychic hut, just say a word and i'd be very glad to hand you the key!! and YOU decide what kind of out of print material you post - i know you enough to trust you a 100%.

since then - au revoir!! :=)

Lightning Baltimore a dit…

You're welcome!! I'm glad more folks are getting to hear it!

Lightning Baltimore a dit…


The low kbps is my fault, not Zipangu's. My hosting site will not allow files larger than 20MB, so 160kbps was the highest bitrate I was able to use when I uploaded the files for him, since some of the pieces are so long.

roberto a dit…

Hi: could you repost all the Umezu posts in another place than Megaupload or filesonic or fileserve?.They were closed...:-(

Zipangu a dit…


yes, I'll try to find an another place ! But I don't know when I could do that because I'll have to convert ALL records (again) !!?