Shin-Okubo Gentlemen - "Live"

(Atelier Peyotl, AP-012)

1 - Chiteijin to Saiteijin (People from Underground) (Gudang "Rum"-o, Igor) (1:28)
2 - Ekimae Shuffle (Igor) (4:33)
3 - Jonetsu no Toriame: Flamenco Version (Igor) (7:19)
4 - Great no Namida (The "Great" Kintoki) (12:03)
5 - Koshi Kudake (Igor) (9:16)
6 - Great Romania (The "Great" Kintoki) (12:31)
7 - Ota no Turk (Abdul Wahaha) (18:38)
8 - ?
9 - ?

The "Great" Kintoki : soprano sax, alto sax, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet
Igor: piano, keyboard, vocal
Abudul Wahaha: electric violin, vocal
Obuchi-kun (Bone): percussion, samples, vocal
Ozawa-kun (Gudang "Rum"-o) : drums, percussion, pocket trumpet

Recorded live by Hidetake Miyazaki at Shinjuku Pit Inn in Tokyo on August 14, 1999

(the CD was accompanied with a bandana)

Released November 1999

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Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks for such great and rare material shared! I was seeking so long for some of these records!
Wouldn't you share 2 other albums of Kingjoe or Hoppy Kamiyama's album "Hypnotique"?

BTW, there's no link on 2nd picture and you gave slightly wrong tracklist. Tracks 1 & 2 are two parts of "Chiteijin to Saiteijin" and "MC" is track 5.

And - why do you use so low bitrate? Is it your principled policy?

Zipangu a dit…

Thanx a lot for your feelings !
About the two titles, I dont have it. There's a problem with the second picture : I'm trying to change it...
The tracklist is perhaps wrong but, on the cd, there are nine titles mentioned, so...
And, regarding the bitrate, I don't know control it, I'm not a specialist !? Is it a bad quality ?

Anonyme a dit…

Many many thanks !

E-mile a dit…

Z, good to see you're back on track! Thanks for all the wonderful shares, escpecially the ones from Umezu K! (I love his tone on the (bass) clarinet)