Umezu Kazutoki : "Dancing winds"

(Samsung Music, 1997)

1. 잠자리 (09:11)
2. 꿈의 기억 (11:21)
3. 바람개비 (09:57)
4. 바람부는 창 (11:15)
5. 불사조(不死鳥) (21:05)

Kazutoki Umezu : saxes, clarinet
Jamaaladeen Tacuma : bass (1,3,4)
Kim Suk-Chul : jang-go, jing, tae-pyung-so (1, 4,5)
Kim Dae-Rae (2)
Park Byung-Won (2)
Lee Kwang-Soo (2)
Wolfgang Puschnig : sax (3)


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hello Zipangu,

thank you so much for this load of Umezu's.
I just stumbled onto your site and I cannot say how pleased I am with the subject matter as well as with the contents.

thanks again!

Anonyme a dit…

hello Zipangu,

fantastic music on a nice blog. thanx a lot for presenting all that rare music and especially all your work.

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