Doctor Umezu Band (DUB) : "D"

(Omagatoki, 1986)

1- Mysterious tea
2- 17th kiss
3- Anatoria
4- We have many possibility
5- Let's drink
6- 1970
7- Surge
8- On a little boat to Aivalik
9- Teacher's runnin'

musicians :

Umezu Kazutoki : alto sax, flute, keyboards, etc.
Katayama Hiroaki : tenor & baritone sax, etc.
Hayakawa Takeharu : bass, cello, turkish saz, kalimba, etc.
Kikuchi Takashi : drums, tabura, percussion, etc.

guests :

Ishiwatari Akihiro : guitar (2,3,5,7,8,9)
Yamamoto Mayu : keyboards (6,7)
Miyazaki Masako : vocal (1)


4 commentaires:

Lucky a dit…

arigato gozaimasu + merci beaucoup!


kato a dit…

I cannot express how grateful I am for this blog. I have found so many gems in here. Please keep it up, and keep the great posts coming!

E-mile a dit…

you're my Umezu-doctor in this lifetime! Today. I'm SO grateful you dug up another Umezu diamond...from way back beyond!
Words cannot express, so I'm just listening to these INCREDIBLE sounds and nodding my head silly to those punk-funk-beats!
again, thank you for opening my big ears just a little bit wider and please do amaze me some more in the future!!!
peace, E-mile

Anonyme a dit…

This blog makes me so happy :)

Thanks for sharing all this wonderful music, especially from Mr. Umezu, I'm so in love with his works.