Makigami Koichi - "Koroshi no blues"

(Toshiba Emi, 1992)

1- Saizansu Mambo (3:43)
2- Onna o Wasurero (4:45)
3- Machiboke no Kissaten (3:49)
4- Akunin Shigan (4:35)
5- Sukiyaki Étoufée (6:28)
6- Yozora no Fue (3:52)
7- Tokyo no Yane no Shita (10:01)
8- Kaettekita Yopparai (3:46)
9- Utsuro (3:03)
10- Marianne (7:50)
11- Koroshi no Blues (3:06)

1- Lyrics by Tony Tani and Tetsuo Miyagawa Music by Tadaosa Ohno Arranged by Koji Ueno.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Nami Tokyo: vocal Jazzy Joyce: turntables Andrew Sterman: piccolo Steven Bernstein: trumpet Pablo Calogero: baritone sax Marcus Persiani: piano Guillermo Edghill: bass Papo Pepin: congas Joe Gonzales: bongos, guiro, cowbell Raul Paonessa: drums

2- Lyrics by Toshio Nomura Music by Toru Funamura.
Koichi Makigami: vocal John Patton: organ Marc Ribot: guitar Jeff Hirshfield: drums

3- Lyrics and music by Raymond Hattori Arranged by Robert Quine.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Robert Quine: guitar Matthew Sweet: bass Steve Shelley: drums

4- Lyrics by Kayako Honoo Music by Riichiro Manabe Arranged by John Zorn.
Koichi Makigami: vocal, devil chanting Andy Haas: didjeridu Anthony Coleman: sampler, organ David Shea: turntables Mark Dresser: bass James Pugliese: percussion Keiji Haino: devil chanting Yoshihide Otomo: devil chanting Hideki Kato: devil chanting

5- Lyrics by Rokusuke Ei Music by Hachidai Nakamura Arranged by Guy Klucevsek.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Guy Klucevsek: piano, accordion Mark Feldman: violin David Hofstra: bass Robert Previte: drums

6- Lyrics and music by Kuranosuke Hamaguchi.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Laura Seaton: violin Jane Scarpantoni: cello David Shea: turntables

7- Lyrics by Takao Saeki Music by Ryoichi Hattori Arranged by Joe Gallant.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Joe Gallant: 6-string bass Janet Axelrod: flute Phillip Johnston: soprano sax Walter Thompson: alto sax Louie Belogenis: tenor sax Dave Sewelson: baritone sax Frank London: trumpet Steven Bernstein: trumpet Jason Hwang: violin Margo Grib: violin, voice Michelle Kinney: cello Dawn Buckholz: cello Elizabeth Panzer: harp Ann Klein: guitar Vito Ricci: synthesizer, wrench guitar Tom Judson: accordion Evan Gallagher: piano, organ Skip Reed: vibes, percussion David Hofstra: bass Dickie Dworkin: drums

8- Lyrics by The Folk Parody Gang Music by Kazuhiko Kato Arranged by Yoshihide Otomo.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Marc Ribot: acoustic guitar, charango Kyoko Kuroda: piano, voice, chorus Nana Vasconcelos: Brazilian percussion Yoshihide Otomo: turntables, handmade guitar, chorus Hideki Kato: bass, chorus Suzuki: chorus Uemura: chorus

9- Lyrics and Music by Koichi Makigami Arranged by Koichi Makigami.
Koichi Makigami: vocal, vision, proteus, sound canvas, cornet Hideki Kato: bass Nicolas Collins: "Barney"

10- Lyrics by Yasuko Aisawa Music by Yoshio Hayakawa.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Keiji Haino: guitar, vocal Painkiller : John Zorn: alto sax, vocal Bill Laswell: bass Mick Harris: drums, vocal

11- Lyrics by Hachiro Guru Music by Kagehisa Kuzui.
Koichi Makigami: vocal Marc Ribot: guitar Yoshihide Otomo: sampler Hoppy Kamiyama: killer

Produced by John Zorn

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Lucky a dit…

Merci beaucoup!!

I see that your latest blog entry is almost 3 months ago, so maybe you already quit here. I bought Koichi's 2 CD's on Tzadik (the solo + the duo with Bruhin), and ever since I'm a fan. I've heard of this Zorn-produced CD here, but of course I haven't found it, not as CD, and not in blogs.

I don't know much of what you posted here, but of the content I know, it is pretty fantastic. All those Umezu's!!! I adore his approach, and have posted 2 of his Knitting Factory CD's and an older Doctor Umezu Band CD many months on an now gone blog.

I'm happy to stumbled upon your blog, and I put a link to your site on my blog, so that more people can enjoy this!! ;)


Zipangu a dit…

Thank a lot for your words ! What is your blog at the moment ? Do you live in france ?

Lucky a dit…

salut, zipangi!

i'm very happy to see you continue, i thought you quit already, cause there wasn't much feedback.

i'm german, and since i can't speak french, i hope english is okay for you, too!

right now i have one open blog:
where i posted a few umezu's, a few more well-known japanese underground, but also brazilian, recrec from switzerland, a wonderful jew's harp collection i made, nato/chabada releases etc.