U.M.A. (Ubiquitous Musicians Association) : "Ja-ck"

(Tokuma Japan, 2002)

1/ Nagare (U.M.A.) 10.50
2/ Wa (Sawai) 7.25
3/ Mizu (U.M.A.,Konda) 5.43
4/ Yen (Sawai) 12.20
5/ Minamoto (U.M.A.,Konda) 4.53
6/ Nagare (Remix Version) (U.M.A.) 6.14
7/ Ki (U.M.A.) 5.05

U.M.A. :
Genji Sawai : alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Bill Laswell : bass
Hoppy Kamiyama : digital president, slide geisha, ass hole box, scum tape from garbage, klavier, gram pot
Hideo Yamaki : drums
Kiyoto Konda (3,5,6) : guitar

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

hello this is alltogether fantastic music from japan, thank you for this... what i am looking for especially is ground zero's "last concert"-recording... do you have this by any means... ? it is inpossible to get in europe... thanx & best wishes... chris

Jack Celliers a dit…

Your blog stuff ranks really high, big thanks. I especially like this one, reminds some of the best Brad Mehldau... Do you know if Kamiyama`s lineup info is a joke? "Ass hole box" sounds strange...

If you happen to have some keiichi ohta's stuff, or yen records, you would make me even happier.

Jack Celliers a dit…

btw www.euterpedesmelenada.blogspot.com

some stuff there...

Zipangu a dit…

Hello Jack !

Thank you for your message. About Kamiyama's title, yes it's a joke (like "gram-pot") ! He likes confusion and disturbing sometimes... For him, I think he would say : "listen, that's all !"
About your request, I don't know Keiichi Ohta and Yen records (YMO musicians, Jun Togawa...). Sorry !

vexation a dit…

Thank you for posting this! I found this album randomly, and was a big fan of Bebop before, but this is top-notch music.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you!

psychedelic_head a dit…

A Thousands Thanks !