CO2 : "Zero"

(Natya, 1998)

1- Introduction/Asian blues
2- CO2/98'
3- After you
4- Go ! Go ! Steve !
5- Drophead
6- Traumanequo
7- White noise

CO2 :

Katayama Hiroaki : sax tenor
Hayashi Eiichi : sax alto
Kato Takayuki : guitar
Hayakawa Takeharu : bass
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro : drums


3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

This CD seems to be not too rare: it still can be ordered from many Japanese internet music shops.

Zipangu a dit…

Really ? I guess the label don't exist at present. Anyway, I think it's very difficult to get it today. Are you the producer or a record seller ?

Anonyme a dit…

Oh no, I'm just a Japanese music lover and I've bought both albums of CO2 about a year ago.
Now this one can be found here:
But you may be right: some positions offered by HMV are already out of print and sometimes after ordering you can receive a message with apologies.

Anyway, your blog is really brilliant with great choice of material. Thank you!