Toy : "Futari de ocha wo"

(Toy, 1998)

1- Nemurenu Yoru no Tame ni (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki) (4:34)
2- Kita no Umi (Keisuke Ohta) (4:53)
3- Introduction (Yasuhiko Tachibana)--Better Get Hit in Your Soul (Charles Mingus) (9:19)
4- Yume no yoni (Yasuhiko Tachibana) (5:28)
5- Kodomo no TOY (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki) (7:13)
6- Tea for Two (Vincent Youmans) (9:01)
7- Gondola no Uta (Shinpei Nakayama) (5:39)
8- Rabo de Nube (Silvio Rodriguez) (5:19)
9- Otona no TOY (Yasuhiko Tachibana) (6:25)


Yasuhiko Tachibana: electric bass, voice, etc.
Keisuke Ohta: violin, electric violin, guitar, mandolin, voice, etc.
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums, percussion, trumpet, voice, etc.

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Anonyme a dit…

Amazing blog you have. I found it a few days ago and let me tell you I'm shocked. Great music. Japanise jazz rock from the 90's is aweson.
I'd like to liston to Toy but this link is off in Megaupload. Could you help me with this one?
Thanks again for such interesting blog and music.

Francisco Ayes

Zipangu a dit…

Hello Francisco,

thank you very much for your gratitude and encouragement.
I've just downloaded Toy file and there is any problem with it : try again !