Emergency ! : "Loveman plays psychedelic swing"

(Studio Wee, 2002)

1- Re-boptism (8;14)
2- Creole Love Call (13:21) ( Duke Ellington)
3- Canon (7:03) ( Charles Mingus)
4- Emergency! Walkin' (10:55)
5- (a) Don't Say It (3:43) / (b) The Inflated Tear (Rahsaan Roland Kirk) (11:25)
6- Jelly Roll (3:59) (Charles Mingus)
7- The Look of Love (9:26) (Burt Bacharach)

musicians :

Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: drums, percussion
Yoshihide Otomo: guitar
Ryoichi Saito: guitar
Hiroaki Mizutani: bass

Recorded live at Buddy in Tokyo on March 20, 2002


5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Amazing album!!!
Don't miss the other Emergency! album called "Loveman Prays for Psychical Sing". Info: http://www.japanimprov.com/indies/studiowee/psychicalsing.html

Zipangu a dit…
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Zipangu a dit…

Of course, it's an amazing album too ! I also know their second disc but it's not out of print yet so I prefer to share the first for the moment.

E-mile a dit…

New to me...GREAT STUFF! thank you for sharing this true gem.
peace, E-mile

L'etranger a dit…

hey, top drawer selection! please continue at your leisure.