Hoppy Kamiyama : "A meaningful meaningnessless"

(Creage, 2005)

1-Risqué Business
2-Looper Dooper
3-Schmaltz # 1
4-U-Tan (To Tell a Pack of Lies)
5-Kali d'Amour
6-Pwd (To Cast Pears Before Swine)
7-Knock on Food
8-Fountain of Love
9-Ol' Lady Grubb
10-Spasm # 2
11-To Make a Hit
12-Everyday I Have the Bruise
13-A Meaningful Meaningnessless
14-A Bolt From the Blue

musicians :

Hoppy Kamiyama : digital president, slide geisha, vocal, gram-pot
Tatsuya Yoshida : drums, percussions, vocal
Natsuki Kido : guitar
Mitsuru Nasuno : bass
Kumiko Takara : marimba, vibraphone, percussions
Wacho : percussions
Osamu Matsumoto : trombone
Masakuni Takeno : sax, flute, clarinet
Masahiko Sugasaka : trumpet
L?K?O : turntable
Tomoyuki Asakawa : harp
Takero Sekijima : tuba
Dennis Gunn : narration, vocal
Yutaka Fukuoka : vocal
Emi Eleonola : vocal
Aki Kubota : vocal
Keisuke Ohta : vocal
Great Eida strings
Tomzuin H : manipulation, keyboards (7,9)

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Lucky a dit…
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Lucky a dit…
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Lucky a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Hey! I'm Pierre and would like to tell you that this item is NOT out of print as you wrongly mention. I am distributing it and selling it on my mail order. Furthermore, there is a DVD paired to the CD - a cartoon made especially for the music - and nothing on your site tells readers about the ENTIRE product. I would consequently ask you to withdraw immediately this link to the download, as you are NOT helping the artist concerned by spreading it for free; it is not YOUR property! I will come back later and hope to see a change! Eitherway I will have to go for other more administrative and painful measures. Thanks for now AND think twice before you put anything illegal on your eitherway great blog!

Pierre @ MBM

Zipangu a dit…

Hello Pierre,

I'm very sorry but, before to share each album, I'm looking at if the title isn't available anywhere. OK, it's not my own property, of course, but my wish is to permit to discover some uncommon japanese artist, that's ALL. So, anyway, I don't want to do any commercial business or cause any trouble towards label !
I'm removing it directly.

Best regards,


Zipangu a dit…

Dear Pierre,

I think you could mention your mail order if person'd like to buy this title (with dvd in the same time).


Jack Celliers a dit…

Mr. Pierre certainly could have got just the same by being a little bit more polite and less threatening.

Anonyme a dit…

To Zipangu: first of all thanks for your understanding, really appreciated! People interested in the whole package can find it at www.gemm.com (make a search in the artist field and you'll find the seller name Musby, which will also bring you to my site, dedicated to information on many releases). To Jack Celliers: I think I remained polite and you have to understand that hundred of blog sites are directly and conscienceously infringing every day ALL copyright matters, giving me the f word as soon as I politely explain they are stealing copyright income from the artists concerned. But maybe you're one of those guys piling up a huge collection of freely downloaded stuff without never having spent a dime on a record in your life? There are plenty of them outside and try to see with my eyes or the artist's eyes how delightful a dayjob this makes!

Anonyme a dit…

To Pierre:
Poor Hoppy Kamiyama, there is no worse publicity than you are doing ... I read your position now, I will not buy this record. Pierre: Stop selling art please, you should trade cars, for example ...

(zypangu: I'll always be grateful to you)