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I'd like to mention some excellent musical blogs with a few links towards other great records from Japan :

Yoshisaburo"Sabu" Toyozumi Unit : "The masterpiece" on inconstantsol : HERE

Kazutoki "Kappo" Umezu "Bamboo Village" on inconstantsol : HERE

Bidziliba (first record under the name Biziriba) on mutantsounds : HERE

Luna Park ensemble (with Wataru Ohkuma) on mutantsounds : HERE

Junji Hirose + Otomo Yoshihide ("Silanganan Ingay" lp) on mutantsounds : HERE

Live Under The Sky (Seiichi Yamamoto) : mutantsounds : HERE

Kazutoki Umezu "Pandora's Cocktail" on what'sinmyipod : HERE

Kazutoki Umezu "Eclecticism" on what'sinmyipod : HERE

Tipographica "God says I can't dance" on luckypsychichut : HERE

Doctor Umezu band "Eight Eyes and Eight Ears" on luckypsychichut : HERE

Kazutoki Umezu "First deserter" on luckypsychichut : HERE

Michihiro Sato "Rodan" on luckypsychichut : HERE

Dragon Blue (Tenko) "Hades park" on sector2814 : HERE

Altered States (with Otomo Yoshihide) "Lithuania & Estonia live" on sector2814 : HERE or on microphonesinthetrees : HERE

Tipographica "God Says I Can't Dance", "The Man Who Does Not Nod" (live) and "Floating opera" on lamusicaescultura : HERE

Kido Natsuki "Disco space baby !" on mutantsounds : HERE

Demi Semi Quaver "I" (with Katsui Yuji) on mutantsounds : HERE

Demi Semi Quaver "II" on sector2814 : HERE

Base Of Fiction "Kakusenjo No Ongaku" on mutantsounds : HERE

O.N.T.J. (with Hoppy Kamiyama) "Jose" on mutantsounds : HERE

Kazutoki Umezu + Tom Cora "Abandon" on wfmu : HERE

Rovo + Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden on mutantsounds : HERE

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Anonyme a dit…

Man, that stuff is good but some not so rare (par example, Tipographica albums were recently reissued). Yours is much better and I think your blog is just #1 now.

Anonyme a dit…

zipangu - hear that? you are number one! i FULLY AGREE, at least when it comes to japanese underground avantgarde rarities.

p.s.: dragon blue's "hades park" was originally posted at my former avant-records blog (dedicated only to john zorn's japanese label), which i closed some time later. sector2814 resurrected some of those. i played with the idea of posting "hades park" again - new rip @320 with scans - i REALLY love this record, for me it's en par with some of ruins' or tenko's best works (and i adore both of them).

that's it for now!

by, number 1 ;)

Zipangu a dit…

Hi Lucky,

you think I'm really number one !? No sincerely, I'm trying to suggest some nicely records from Japan, out of print or/and rare to find, no more and no more less ! The idea is to share with each person who research these fine records. Anyway, Lucky, you're one of the best without hesitation !

Anonyme a dit…

number one, number 6 (the prisoner), who cares - we share the love of certain kind of musics, and we are able to share the music itself, too!

found Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble. 2005.03.03, Tokyo, NHK 505 Studio here.


Anonyme a dit…

and another one on the same blog:

Anonyme a dit…

Here also some Otomo boots.