Tohban Djan : "Poison petal"


1/ Icicle Tango 2:45
2/ Rice & Beans 3:42
3/ Asobi 4:03
4/ The Whispers Beyond 3:52
5/ Shangai Express 2:53
6/ 21 Nails 3:27
7/ Black 2:29
8/ Lame Talking 2:31
9/ Butterfly 1:41
10/ Song For Deep Water 1:40
11/ No Time 1:02
12/ Belladonna 6:42

recorded at Sorcerer Studio, New York City in 1988

Tohban Djan :

Luli Shioi : vocals, bass, melodion, piano
Ikue Mori : drums, DMS, voice


5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Arigato gozaimasu, Zipangu! ;D

Godard a dit…

Thank you for this gem...outstanding blog you have here. Such a joy - pure nostalgia :)

Godard a dit…

Thank you for this gem. Outstanding posts and a beautiful blog - pure nostalgia :)

gidouille a dit…

Wow, this is a find. I have the album and have always hoped it would be reissued or someone would digitize it. I saw Tohban Djan at Roulette in 1989. There were many superb performances that week, but they were my overall favorite gig of the entire NMA festival. Roulette was the perfect intimate space for their music, and they were helped out on various songs by either Davey Williams, Hahn Rowe or Zeena Parkins, generally only one at a time. It must have been one of their last gigs, as I recall hearing that Shioi was having Visa problems and was forced to return to Japan not long after.

Ochyming a dit…

Thanks, i have Ikue Mori's Myrninerest, it is AWESOME!