Tipographica : "Tipographica"

(God Mountain, 1994)

1- Naked lunch
2- Infinity street car
3- Blue heaven but be unsolved
4- The turf have disorded gravity
5- Prostitute robot
6- Like a new type apes
7- If you are an aggressor, keep slowly and certainly
8- Forest tipographical

Tipographica :

Tsuneo Imahori : guitar
Akira Sotoyama : drums
Atsushi Sano : bass
Akira Minakami : keyboards
Naruyoshi Kikuchi : sax
Osamu Matsumoto : trombone


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kolibet a dit…

merci beaucoup (thanks a lot). ça fait un moment que je voulais écouter ça (been willing to hear that for a long time). et ça a l'air aussi jouissif que les commentaires le laissaient entendre... (and it sounds as stunning as the commentaries suggested...)