LowBlow : "Mister Cafe"

(Off Note, 1997)

1- Unhatched chickens
2- Mister cafe
3- Buta Buta
4- Ballade II
5- General Violet
6- Go round
7- Space mafia
8- Jodel
9- Goblin dance
10- Clumsy daddy

LowBlow :

Hiroaki Mizutani : bass
Akira Sotoyama : drums
Ryoichi Saito : guitar
Taisei Aoki : trombone, keyboards
Kenichi Matsumoto : sax
Masakuni Takeno : sax, flûte


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Cleo a dit…

You've a great blog - I've learned of a lot of great music!
I really want to hear this title, but it's on Megaup and they no longer exist :) Could you possibly re-up it sometime? [Maybe to mediafire - they still exist or rapidshare]

Zipangu a dit…

Hi ! Thank you very much for your words. I hope to find an another host to put new links. Stay tuned !